Learn how to create a LinkedIn lead generation campaign that drives a steady flow of ideal leads to your sales funnel!

What exactly is Growth Pulse?

Growth Pulse is a complete LinkedIn lead generation agency that does all the top of the funnel work for you (100% done-for-you).

1. Build lists of target audience proļ¬le.
2. Write tested and clear cold LinkedIn outreach messages that actually get responded to.
3. Send thousands of direct and personal messages to qualified decision makers you approve of.
4. Generate positive responses straight to your LinkedIn inbox for you to close the deal.

What are all the services offered by Growth Pulse?

Below is a list of all our current services.

1. LinkedIn Lead Generation
2. Cold Email Marketing

What types of Businesses does Growth Pulse work with?

Mostly small and medium sized B2B companies across the MENA & AFRICA. Here is a list of the top industries Growth Pulse runs and manages campaigns for:

- Accounting
- Commercial Real Estate
- Computer & Network Security
- Computer Software
- Design
- E-Learning
- Events Services
- Financial Services
- Graphic Design
- Health, Wellness and Fitness
- Human Resources
- Information Technology and Services
- Insurance
- Internet
- Investment Banking

- Investment Management
- Legal Services
- Management Consulting
- Marketing and Advertising
- Online Media
- Outsourcing/Offshoring
- Professional Training & Coaching
- Program Development
- Publishing
- Real Estate
- Staffing and Recruiting
- Technology Startups
- Telecommunications
- Venture Capital & Private Equity
- Writing and Editing

Can I get the data of the prospects Growth Pulse is reaching out to?

Yes. Growth Pulse can send you the names, company names, titles, and LinkedIn URL's of the prospects your campaign has reached out to.

Do I need to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to use Growth Pulse?

Yes. Growth Pulse does not cover the cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The exact cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $79.99/month