Cold Email Marketing

An awesome tool for all businesses. Affordable, scalable, and effective.

How does it work?


We create a mailing list of contacts within your target audience and a strategy to reach out to them.

Quality content

High-quality email copy is key to success. It leads to higher open rates, click through rates and conversions. Emails focused on offering value to the recipient.


We'll keep you informed. Once we’ve launched your cold email campaign, we’ll monitor it’s progress and report the results to you weekly.

Cold Email Marketing

This type of marketing is when emails are sent to an inbox without prior contact. Just like when phone companies call you to offer their services and you don’t even know where they got your number from, that’s basically how cold email works too.

Yes, it sounds a little bit annoying but it doesn't have to be, if it’s done correctly it has been proven to come with amazing results and can generate leads more effectively than any other lead generation strategy, especially in the B2B world.

Use email as your first touch point, and then nurture leads through your sales pipeline

Our Strategy

1. Passion. Our team is extremely passionate about cold email and we put our heart and soul into any project.
2. Engagement. We know how to write cold email copy that engages without ever annoying people.
3. Effectiveness. We make sure that the email addresses used to send messages won’t get sent straight to spam.
4. Perfect Timing. We know when to send cold emails, how often to send cold emails, when to stop and how to ensure the messages comply with legal rules and regulations.

The art of cold email

"But, isn't it spam?" Our cold email services are different. To us, building a cold email strategy is an art. We won’t just set up an automated system that sends out hundreds of emails.

Our team of lead generation specialists have been trained to write effective email copy that leads to conversions. Let's boost your cold email lead generation!

The key of this strategy is to target a focused and research-based group of people that will be more likely to respond to the emails and the email content makes a huge difference when it comes to catching the recipients eyes so we make sure to do it the most attractive and effective way.

Scale up your business and grow your leads circle.

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